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Open World Events TIP THREAD


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Ok, so you know, people are at various stages with missions and story of GTA V, I can't even comment until I get further in myself, having spent some quality time with my PS3 as you know, now I'm back on Xbox for now with GTA V. In this thread, the Open World ambient events should be discussed


Let people know ones you've encountered along with tactics and tips on doing them. One of the hardest for me thus far was volunteering to be a getaway driver for two stick up men, normally as a sole driver getting away from police, you can swap out your car for another or take off on foot, this is not an option for these Open World events, however, so it would seem upon my attempt thus far. Others are fairly easy run down and capture someone doing someone else wrong, typically purse snatch or vehicle snatches.

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For the getaway driver, it always happens in the same location, so long as you know it's gonna happen, you can find a fast four-door car to go there with...like the Buffalo, Sultan, or Exemplar. Can't find one? There's a Mesa (Jeep) right there. No idea why those fools didn't just grab it themselves. You'll want to do this one somewhat early in the game, as one of them (a hot-headed Irish throwback from GTAIV) can be used as a crew member.


Tips, hmm. There are 4 or 5 people who want a ride somewhere. Hitchhikers. These are best handled by Trevor. I won't say why, but you can give them an alternate destination for more money. If needed, just mentally mark the spot you found the hitchhiker, then reload your last save and go back as Trevor. A big 4x4 is recommended for the long journey to that alternate destination.


A camper van ("BF Surfer") sittin out in the middle of nowhere (Senora desert, same thing), at night, headlights on, doors open. I read that this was a rare event. Park kinda far away from it, then creep up with your gun out. Or...don't, if ya wanna see what happens. Not sure what you lose on this, but you don't gain anything.


The "Stock Tip" random event: Pick up a guy on the whatsitcalled, Ocean Highway, directly west of the Kortz center. He needs a ride to the airport, like FAST. So have a fast car ready. But before you event start it, have all three of your characters invest in Tinkle. That's the stock tip he'll give, and by investing in it before you start, you'll be able to soak up every penny. I think it only climbs to like 30%.


The $100k Animal Ark stock random event: Probably the absolute most profitable event. I'm not real sure how to make this happens. You save his bicycle from getting stolen (or return it after it's stolen) - he says, "oh man, you saved my bike AGAIN". I don't remember retrieving a stolen bicycle before, but he might have had a motorcycle the first time. Anyway, you might not need to do both of them... but just in case, the motorcycle one is on N. Rockford Drive, just a few blocks northwest of the driveway that leads to the Kortz Center.  But again, you might not need to do this one. I would, just in case. The second occurrence, if these two are in fact linked, happens on Little Bighorn Ave, between Carson Ave & Macdonald Street. Do these two in order, and a few game-days later you should get an email that starts off "Don't delete! This isn't spam!" - he'll give you $100k in stocks, which you can sell immediately because they never seem to go up. It's easy money that you can get at the beginning of the game if you want to - that's usually when people need it the most.


"Hey! He stole my wallet/purse!" - Easy $500 if you don't return it, an easy $50 if you have a conscience and can't convince yourself it's just a video game. Other than maybe feeling a little guilty about it, there are no actual repercussions for doing this.


I'll post more if people take an interest in this..

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It seems most locations respawn, and I think the Blueprint map in the collector's edition also points to areas where money can be made, not sure if it's pointing that out or not since I only gave it a one time extended glance, but you can see these events pop up on your Hud or hear a ped talking before you notice exactly where it might be. One time a theft was happening on a different street level, it expired before I could exit the one I was on and find the guy

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