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Fun Facts 'Bout Five

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Just a thread that can hopefully be SOMEWHAT spoiler free, fun factoids you've discovered while playing GTA V, these could relate to sandbox game play or characters and the story, keeping details to a minimum as far as possible spoilers.


Two to start with;


If you got the Blimp, can call for it and it stays where it's moored at least in active session, and between controllable characters in the game, which was something I wondered about. I also took the blimp high, high, HIGH off the coast and jumped out, to see if I had a parachute, I didn't but still landed safely in the water, and not all that deep, either. Also, was able to avoid any sharks where I opted to drop, Northern most ocean is NOT as safe as the Eastern shore I chose.


2) The power plant also located on the East Coast of Los Santos is named after the ROCK BAND PowerStation, as it uses both names of the lead members associated with that band, and on top of that, they perform the backing music for the Don Johnson Heartbeat song on the radio's licensed tracks. Sadly, no Power Station music as of the moment, but for those unfamiliar with the classic 80s, it's Andy Taylor of Duran Duran on guitar, and Robert Palmer on vocals (he sadly passed away a few years back, and no one can fill HIS shoes either RIP)

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Hoped you guys might have some idea outside the storyline to add, I know at GTAForums they'd been spending the most time on the topic comparing GTA's Los Santos to California's real LA, however, no one I've heard from has gone into details since it dropped and has better knowledge about how they compare, but I wanted to say something about all the TONS and TONS of ladders in GTA's world, in the real World USA that I know, there simply is no way to climb EVERY building in the city, much less every other one, it would present a rather dangerous situation that normally goes unmonitored. Please sound off if you can relate this more closely to the real LA, as I can't.... But in Minnesota(/The Midwest) and most places I've been, the ladders to access rooftops are just not there most of the time. 


I can see this benefiting the MP end of the game however, I just get rather depressed in game because there's not much to find, and most times there's nothing on building roof tops

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