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Fire Fights


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Whether you provoke police or other law authorities or enter into gang territory and all of a sudden a few hundred red dots surround you on your HUD, chances are you won't be sticking it out long to clear off the map of your adversaries


I'm wondering what you think of GTA's game mechanics in this regard, trying to find cover and just shoot anything near you, I do this in hopes of getting weapons when they die, most often, but I usually die while in cover and feel like I need eyes in the back of my character's head. It just seems harder then any GTA prior to stick it out in a war-zone and get into Firefights with any chance of winning. I'm talking about AI of course, and not other real players in MP modes

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Do you mean the police heli that (almost always) "just happens" to be right above you &

"just happens" to have SWAT snipers on board?  Insert shocked face3 here.


Proximity spawning (they pop up right behind you in a blind spot) combined w/ collision

glitches that leave tiny holes in solid objects AIs can shoot through.  R* is probably using

the same collision system from Vice City.

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I've engaged the various GTA gangs several times, to get better ideas at how to have fun with all out mayhem.


Still can't get opposing gangs to confront one another unless some chase you in cars, they only go so far, but you can respawn with 'red dots' still on your map, and police in the area WILL engage NPCs if they're attacking you, so this can provide some fun scenarios you have to instigate

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