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The First GTAV Stunt Videos


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Ever since the release of GTA III and the Insane Stunt Bonuses that could be achieved by completing certain jumps, people have been wanting to perform bigger and bigger stunts. The late Odie helped things along with his great little stunt park mod, while the inclusion of motorcycles in Vice City propelled the scene forward leaps and bounds. I even made a couple of videos myself before stunting really got popular (by today's standards they are both absolutely awful, but show just how far stunting has come since then).
GTA V has been out for 6 weeks now, and this has been ample time for stunters to familiarise themselves with the map, find some cool spots, and get used to using and hopefully not abusing Franklin's special ability, or not even using it at all to really impress. A few early videos set the bar fairly low, and more recent videos are now coming out looking pretty impressive. Without further ado, here's a roundup of some of the first and best stunt videos that have been made so far.

First up we have couple of great videos that were emailed into us from the Nomad Union crew:




Next up is a stunt montage from Ben Buja, whose name you may recognise from his many GTA IV stunt and blooper reels:

Ben Buja's Stunt Montage

This one is from Dejv, returning to the scene after a two year break:


Dejv comeback stunt montage

And finally one from SyperDimon:


GTA 5 Stunts (SD) (2)

If you want more, here's some links to other nice videos that have been released:

We'd like to post about community creations like these more often. So if you've created a stunt video, or anything else cool using GTA V be sure to let us know about it and if we like it we'll include it in our next post.

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Looking at some of the photos in the game people have taken, a few are the result of stunting I'm sure was planned out for a snapmatic shot capturing an absurd aftermath. While I was in GTA IV's multiplayer, many people would just gain access speed at the airport and hit any kind of ramp, I think the fun of slow motion jumps of the original Vice City also created a desire to do more jumping, but for me, even getting major air is dampened when you land and there's no spectacular vehicle damage. My original complaint is still my complaint, it could be so much more dramatic and intense if the level of CARnage was up at the same time

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