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Top Games for Winter

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They're ALL OUT, the big gun games for 2013, GTA V is going up against the real competition, so one thread to rule them all here! hahaha


Actually, I was out buying my PS3 version of GTA V today, just enough after buying food for the week to pull it off, Walmart had them all for both systems, and it caused me some decision concern over not buying the newest of the new games, they are 









ROCKSMITH 2014! (for good measure, been seeing online ads for that pique my interest


I bought GTA V again, standard edition with tax cost me just over $64, in case you're wondering, back when GTA V released at midnight, I plucked down $150 on the Xbox Collectors edition, but I feel the still free PSN basically makes a PS3 version pay for itself in a year or so, depending on how much online time you get, and when! haha

Anyway, You maybe seeing a lot of your friends who play the same consoles alternating GTA V with these new games above ^, I saw it happening late last night so I wonder if they came out at midnight as well, or before. Still, perhaps you want to add reply here about your pick /s from the above.

Would you go with just one or two, or are they all going to be in your collection? Inquiring minds wanna know 


Gonna be keeping a close eye on sales this time, already predictions coming more then a day ago, in the press, so holding breath now....


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None of those games really interest me including the games coming out for next gen consoles in a few weeks. My holiday gaming will probably only consist of GTA V. Maybe I'll get into online eventually, but single player is where it is at right now. I'd also like to play an oldie, one of the few big Rockstar games I've never played actually. Seems like a good festive game for the holidays. Its on PSN for 10 bucks too, so thats one game I'll add to the list.


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^^ Bully is excellent. Especially at 10 dollars, makes me want to pull my copy out. But yeah, GTA5/O is going to be my holiday gaming. I don't have time for anything but one game at a time and have games several years old I still want to finish (Bioshock series, Borderlands, Fallout series etc)

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