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1080P ain't UHDef

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Samsung has their TV adverts already playing for Ultra Hi Definition, and I hear about Resolution Gate that shouldn't even exist at this stage....




Let's get some thoughts going on the new console's graphics prowess, which I find laughable considering both console makers opted to go with AMD ATI graphics and nVidia is off supporting their own handheld and PC gaming cards, among other PC uses.


From my personal hands on with both Xbox360 and PS3, Rockstar and Naughty Dog top games as I've mentioned, and a nice HD quality display, I can tell that Naughty Dog had an upper hand working with Sony to get their games looking and running good, in less time then Rockstar did, With RAGE and Euphoria, which covers RDR and GTA in HD on last gen consoles, you have a top level output of only 720 Progressive for PS3, even with GTA 5 I have to say, but what is nice to report, that game looks and plays JUST like the Xbox version, whereas my Game of the Year RDR does not, and looks rather horrible graphics wise, it's not unplayable, but hard to ignore the graphic shortcomings I seem to be having. Uncharted games all look great, On Xbox, no complaints either, and my settings for 1080P on all games seems to work, and I've shifted back down to 720 Progressive to compare, I used Composite, Component, HD VGA (horrible, by the way) and HDMI, and both component video and HDMI on Xbox look fantastic, PS3 is HDMI only as far as how I use it.

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