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Google Plus actually a reason?


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Google implemented more unwanted changes to YouTube for sake of Google+ it appears,


I joined up to Google+ because it was rather easy getting my account established at the time with YouTube again, however, it's having a major backlash, and according to reports, Google+ falling behind MySpace?!?! or in reality, Facebook, and Twitter (just now a trading IPO), there's too many Social Networking options, even recently Linked In was looking at good returns I noticed on TV, which surprised me, I find that the most confusing Networking for jobs, but either way, YouTube is not something you want to do connected with all these other online services, it's been a unique website for a long time, but no longer....


Thoughts?? Google bought the service so it will no longer be an independent behemoth, but the old idiom of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" still applies here!


There's a petition to instigate a roll back, perhaps it's serious enough to do that.

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In box comments and replies section is all messed up now, you have to log into Google + to do the commenting on YouTube, which isn't a major concern, but like MySpace back in the day, used to be able to do full screen custom graphics for your channel, that was the way to keep it. Now it's diminishing user options thanks to Google's tampering.

Also, the Inbox for comments is under Video Management, where it doesn't really seem to fit anyway

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