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Having the idea to share funny experiences in this thread, whether online or offline, what was a fun moment you had playing GTA that you'd like to relate to other players and readers here?


The other day, I felt like having a bit of feel good revenge with the gangs who once felt snubbed by you in their neighborhood, many start to come after you with lethal desire. Seen on your HUD in plenty of nasty red dots!


Felt like I'd been sent to the hospital too many times as such, I grabbed a few fast vehicles and high tailed it through the alleys and apartment areas in Los Santos' East side, shooting and crashing into any gang members (and innocent bystanders) standing about, cops took notice as well, and I just led a high speed chase around the area on any open stretch of road going in circles until I felt I'd gotten just deserts. I was able to elude cops as well, even though I did this for awhile. It shows the ineffective side of GTA as spawning and disappearing of peds is pretty frequent, so the results of mayhem don't last too long to enjoy.


I did a similar chase all around the LSIA airport, using any vehicles I could get into, and hoping to lead hapless cops into planes causing them to explode! Just your typical fun with game AI


I will point out in seriousness, where cops and gangs are both operating, if you're trying to stir the pot, you don't get the kind of melee that would result in both GTA Vice City and GTA 3 when gangs took to fighting anyone they hated who intruded on their turf. You could provoke AI ped fights in GTA IV as well, but I just don't see that with GTA V, pretty disappointing there

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Well GTA V...GTA V...GTA V. I guesse i got a thing for a bulldozers. So one day i think lets go and lure a shark near shore and then punch it out till it is on land, so i asked my self heroically, "Am i up to the challenge?" Yeah 4'sho. So after a long day luring and punching the shark i figured let's go get a damn BULLDOZER! :D :D ...TWO HOURS LATER... Hey sharkie we meet again :) so i arrived at the shark just waiting to be lifted up in my bulldozer so i picked up the shark and though why not do some sharknado sh*t :D . I decided to go to Mt. Chilliad ... TWO DAYS LATER ... I arrived with my friend sharkie ontop of Mt.Chilliad and thought i throw him off and the second i threw him off the bulldozer gfot flung so far out the ocean that eventually another shark shows up... But this time i had no boat? :( :( sadly in memory of Michael De Santa.

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