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[V] Single Player & Multiplayer Photography (selfies included)


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I'm not sure about everyone else but the ability to upload and view pictures on the social club is a feature I really love. In fact I've already filled up the amount of photo's I can store so I now am saving them all for archiving on dropbox! I'll be posting some of my screenshots here -- all of them are candid. Feel free to add any selfies, street photography, landscapes, action shots or whatever you have to this topic.  I am only allowed a certain amount of space per post so I'll be adding onto this beginning post.


Click the photos to view bigger!



              post-6438-0-26356800-1384407403_thumb.jpg post-6438-0-93985500-1384407525_thumb.jpg

             post-6438-0-06300800-1384407604_thumb.jpg post-6438-0-97587900-1384407759_thumb.jpg

             post-6438-0-05531100-1384407865_thumb.jpg post-6438-0-45309300-1384407950_thumb.jpg

             post-6438-0-21238700-1384408008_thumb.jpg post-6438-0-16194300-1384408174_thumb.jpg

                           (Sherman running ina survival match)

                 post-6438-0-06024000-1384408996_thumb.jpg post-6438-0-51920400-1384409052_thumb.jpg

             post-6438-0-57702800-1384409083_thumb.jpg post-6438-0-63194100-1384409226_thumb.jpg

             post-6438-0-03404700-1384409354_thumb.jpg post-6438-0-19462300-1384409384_thumb.jpg

             post-6438-0-08679300-1384409531_thumb.jpg post-6438-0-55882000-1384409441_thumb.jpg




             post-6438-0-79609900-1384409681_thumb.jpg post-6438-0-68487300-1384409812_thumb.jpg

                 post-6438-0-50544900-1384409850_thumb.jpg  post-6438-0-34083900-1384409885_thumb.jpg

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I still hate the term 'Selfies', even if Rockstar chose to use the term on their own Newswire, even if they came up with it! Self portrait shots, I guess you gotta call 'em sumpthin' though, eh?

Self-pics, self-shot.... I dunno, but anyway, I shot and uploaded pictures only from my SpeeDeaThrash Gamertag, and from PS3 as well as Xbox360 I believe I can do that with Social Club, but it gets hella confusing having more then one account and what you can and can't do as a result!


Anyway, my shots are typically from a location I feel is unique from where other players may have gone in the map, though not entirely inaccessible. One such location I'd like to get a shot from is atop the blimp, but I can never manage to stay there for too long! hahaha

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Selfies differ from self portrait shots Black. They're strictly taken at arms-length. You shoul post some of your screenshots here if you're going to post in the topic Black. Here's some more shots I've taken. As I continue to take pictures I'll continue to add to the topic!



























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I'd seen these first as Rockstar's Newswire was showcasing their fan favorites, however, I've still held back on using Multiplayer, I don't know why for the most part, but I feel like at least with PS3, I had to get used to the different controller again, at first it was hard moving to the Xbox's larger controller, but then getting comfortable with it, it's hard to move back to Sony's so I hope the PS4 one remedies some of the gripes with sticking to a stodgy old design for so long!


If the picture taking in GTA V differs between MP and SP, I don't know just yet. Part of staying out of the GTAO experience is reading plenty of downsides with the early rollout, The issues seemed to mirror the Obamacare website that's still under heavy scrutiny, and you'd think it could be fixed in an even more timely manner.


I'd uploaded, and attempted from more then one Gamertag for XBox, and for PS3 as well, but I can't recall if that worked, I use one main Gamertag for all the uploads to Social Club, but nothing as amazing as some of the shots, the one with the Shark jumping out of the water, I've never seen that happen in-game, but I've had a shark following me out at sea, not far from the LS airport, where it chased me driving a boat, rather then swimming, I took some shots of a shark circling my boat prior to that.



Here's one of the earliest that scored me a thumbs up from someone, I'm just checking out what I can see from the website, I did a number of them from the console already.



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A note about the gallery above, You can see I took container ship shots down by the pier, nothing notable about those other then they were attempts to get images for the mission casing the theft location for Trevor, I couldn't figure out how to do it per request of the mission objective, so hopefully it's amusing in that regard  ^^

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Because I'm up at my mom and dad's retirement cabin at the moment, been talking to my mom about the game as I'm playing both console versions up here at the moment, (had just Xbox version two weeks before!) 
My mom had heard the expression 'selfies' referring to a TV story about teens who take pictures of themselves while driving, creating another unsafe hazard like cell phone use while driving. I don't know why this would be a trend, but the first time I heard the word was from Rockstar's Newswire.


Still sounds confusing when I'd define it as a self-portrait. I did try taking a picture while flying both the biplane and the helicopter, but it seemed rather tricky if you're near an obstacle! haha

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