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Q and A Techie guideu

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Well, I suppose there was a general Query thread for this forum but lost activity in recent years. I get in trouble posting Tech advice in the GTAForums area of the Web, so I figure any findings and answers you might have or pass along for others could be posted here without fear of condemnation from Moderation staff. I hope you guys know the value in such things.


Recently I commented on the Hiren CD, as well as ISOs available from other sites some might consider warez, but I was inquiring for an ISO I could make an installer disc without buying one second hand and then using a valid machine COA to install and register it, this came under fire as well, and it can be sketchy territory no doubt, but I like to refurbish and put things back into service, and computers simply appeal by virtue of their Swiss Army Knife capability.


Oh, and sorry for the topic title error, I'd appeal to Chris or staff to remove the last letter on Guide which I didn't see on my screen at the time

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