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Borrowing a name of an LA newsprint magazine bands used to list for fellow musician searches (want ads) In this topic, my intent for it  is to get you guys to talk about any tech toys you took in (from the trash, were donated or bought)


I found two desktops just walking home, not even a block away, both loaded with old school AGP cards, one Socket A Athlon XP Biostar in case, the other a Dell Dimension 9300...AGP x8 in this later generation 478 P4 desktop, got a near top of the line at the time 6800GT graphics card, but as I was cleaning it, a capacitor up and fell off. Wasn't very firmly attached it seems! YIKES


Thinking of keeping most of this, however, as time goes by it's harder to deal with the aging tech. What with XP's end of life term, it's interesting as well in that I got more COAs for the aging OS! hahaha


So, comment on your own old gear as well, and what you use it for now, if you still do.

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