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AMD's excitement over the new Consoles brings....


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I believe anyway, New competition for Intel...getting tapped to supply the key graphic muscle for the new consoles is leading to the new CPUs for mobile devices, in essence, the APU to compete with Core Intel technology and allowing the main 'brain' of the computer to handle some former Southbridge, Northbridge and GPU functions under one hood... The new CPU/APUs reported here in Forbes article actually suggest a change in ATI's own admission about 2 years ago that they would relent their normal chase to compete with Intel who by this article's proof, have continually dominated the computer market for supremecy.


I told my folks this while computer shopping this spring, my mom wound up with a Core i3 Ivy Bridge rather then Haswell, but these new CPUs do play into the new tech rollout over the next year, 6 to 12 months expect your current rig to become the next to be obsolete eventually!!



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