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XBOX 360 controller, windows 7

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I know this has been discussed numerous times, I know the newer 360 controllers dont support older games. I've tried a few suggestions given by a few posts in here, but perhaps I'm just not that technical.


When i start up my game the B button acts as the A button, the Y button acts as the B button.

I sswitch those up in control settings so they work normally. When I tried setting up the rest of the controller, the LT and RT dont work, nor do the analog sticks nor the D pad.


I've tried using Xpadder, Joy2key (though I didn't know what I was doing in that and Control MK (followed the steps given in a few of theses posts and it didn't work either...or I just misread.)


Someone please help. I dont want to dish out another $20 for an older controller. I like the 360 controller and I know people who have no problems using it even in VC.

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I noted the other day a local pawn shop selling the new PS4 controllers for 30 odd bucks I believe, I got my PS3 DS3 off eBay for around ten American dollars, the best bet still is eBay for getting a controller at the right price, but to do so don't engage in bidding wars, know what you want to spend and bid up to that and then move along to another auction. I haven't tried your setup, but I do have both systems and I believe there's software designed for PC gamers who chose controllers.


Windows 7 should support Xbox accessories of course, but perhaps try their driver on an older OS, even XP can run on a Core2Duo system, If you lack that, then perhaps Vista and Win7 or 8 is still your best bet, However I just picked up an old ATI USB All in Wonder that lacks the newer OS support, so it gives me a main reason to keep using XP, not for online but offline software support on hardware I have.


Try asking about the issue on the Windows 7 forums, and I believe there should be support for Xbox360 forum Q and A online as well. Mapping keys is easier for PC users who are gaming with keyboard and mouse interface, that seems to be true, but I'm more attuned to gaming consoles like a few of you are, but I still plan to use a PC with GTA V upcoming

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