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Halt N Catch Fire

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The AMC TV series that fills in for lack of The Walking Dead... Halt And Catch Fire seemed a fictional account of Compaq's portable PC, but takes place in what Wiki says is the Prairie Silicon Valley.


Texas is the REAL tech locale for Texas Instruments and Dell

So, are you keeping up with it? It ends this weekend, the short 1st season it's presumed, shorter then a usual season.


My thoughts are that the human relations of any series on TV can be in any setting, I think, so the early computer revolution story is rather lacking and for me, often times is what interests me most, whereas without the melodrama of characters clashing over personality differences and ethics, you'd have your wider audience lose interest or bored. HOWEVER, a lot of cable shows focus on factual stories that do concern human input, REAL human involvement in their conception and evolution so I think there's vitality and importance there.


Here's the real story behind the title for the show;



I did feel it had another meaning more directly in relation to the show's characteristics, that the desire to move forward in uncharted territory is what drives the pioneers, and this is a look behind that drive of the people involved, if you were to halt, or stop in your decisions to 'research and development' with an endgame in mind.... you'd catch fire (or halt) Still an idea that I feel has some merit, though not voiced in anything anyone else is saying about the show

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