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Walking Dead Season 5; No Sanctuary!

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An amazing start the other evening for the best and most popular series on cable or TV anywhere in recent years, and pushing new boundaries in on TV (Network) gore, and the aid is that we know and explore the special effects, as was discussed in the followup of Chris Hardwick hosting The Talking Dead on AMC television


I hope you too enjoyed it or didn't miss out, guest on Talking Dead was Conan O'Brien and he was as funny as ever, so it was very much a laugh capped ending to the evening.

This season will be less about our main group in one safe haven, relatively so as always, but a more diverse array of locations, says newer series producer Scott Gimple.


Let's hear your thoughts in this thread for any of the 5th Season story changes, borrowing some more from the comics series we're also told. I recommend Talking Dead for shedding more light on details one misses in just casual show viewing, helping to fill in some needed blanks and enrich your knowledge of how the story is and has been going; side stories Scott told the viewers about as he helps with the writing and then things are paired down for actual filming of the series we finally see

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I'd like some feedback after three new episodes in the season, the show and fans seem ready to talk about it on GTAForums, but you guys have been EXTRA quiet, do you get the show where you're at? It's a shame if you don't have access to AMC, but they are available on DVD and BluRay as time goes by. Last episode focused on one of the lost members of the group, and speculation arose RIGHT at the very end as to what's next?!?!

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Have to forgive me posting here on the hottest TV thread without any other viewers in attendance, just here to recap that the Mid-Season wait is upon us for about 3 months.

What I feel was a big ending, some think was anti-climactic. I thought it rather unexpected, but those online as well as off got SPOILERS they should have already anticipated by way of AMC's site, those on the USA's West Coast in a different time zone. Anyway, Here's the link about how well the series ended up for this latest season.....



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I really didn't expect Beth to die how and when she did. At first I didn't even realize what had happened, all I knew was that Beth stabbed Dawn, there was a gunshot, and I didn't know what that red spot on the back of her head was. It didn't sink in until I saw her collapse and how the rest of the group reacted. My GF and I both expected her to die protecting someone and that her eventual death would resemble Lori's in the comic.

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Anywho, I think it was the right tone, in relation to the Season opener and allowing us to bear the dreaded mid-season breaks needed before it starts up again.


For me, I just got a cable service change, so I got HBO now, catching up with Game of Thrones as a result! NICE ...but I lost all the other premier channels in exchange for it.

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