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CRASH; Blue Screen of Death!


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If your computer is shutting down to protect the OS, as it states mostly in BSOD, relate your experience in this thread!


More then just shared horror story experience, I want to relate what just happened to me the past few days, I got repeated BSOD from Windows 7 after I tried an optional official update for Windows .Net Framework version 4.5.2


I tried a repair which failed,

I then opted to remove the latest update, and as it rolled back, observed notifier that 4.5.1 was also being uninstalled.


I can tell you since rebooting after that, the system appears stable once again, and as such, I advise NOT updating to that revision of the .Net Framework, and as I stated some time ago here IIRC, NET Framework's real use is in helping software written for Web 2.0 and beyond to work better among different interconnected machines, as I understand it, so in a manner, Cloud based online software might largely be effected by NOT having components to .Net from Microsoft, but as they are always expanding their own software, I'm sure they'll get this fixed or revised, your system won't die on you unexpectedly which is the MOST important thing, even if you lose some program functionality!

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