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Gaming Laptop report; Asus ROG


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As you MAY know, I built up an Asus Republic of Gamers notebook after my sister's husband bought one new, I thought I'd prove to him it could be done, and I could do it, using only eBay sourcing.


Well, I'm kinda happy to report I am doing it again! Since in my initial foray I wound up with a nVidia graphics card and heatsink, of which there are plenty... on eBay


Don't know why, but the original G73 ROG Asus that came with ATI Radeon HD5870 was very short lived so there appears to be evidently, few good cards available in the used market. Sadly, a lot of motherboards supporting them, outnumbering the video cards, in fact. There may have been trouble ASUS had with quality in the initial phases, however, I still feel determined to get the AWOL graphics card.


In my constant eBay searches, I unearthed deals on Asus G74, G75 series and G73 Sandy Bridge revision parts. It's worth pointing out that well under $1000, you can get your own bid on one of these parts, and familiarize yourself with unit assembly and repair. Some parts have been worked on by owners unsuccessfully, it's true, but there are also those offering their services in repair of 'surface mount components' that incorporates board based soldering.

Re-heating or 'reballing' things like ICs (Integrated Circuits) My interest in electronics stems from actual courses I took in the early 1980s, out-dated by the advancement in electronics, the basics are much the same, and digital circuits were already well in use in the early 1980s, however, typically astronomically expensive and over-sized on component boards.


Now thanks to eBay's typical auction setting, some sellers just opt to let the high bidder get the item, so you have a great chance to get just the components you lack


I have found studying a crash course in the G73ROG, that even the integrated-discrete GPU for G74 models is available as a MXM (Express mobile Graphics) card for the G73SW and G73JW models, as the nVidia GTX560, with 2GB of video memory, that means though it falls short of the 660GTX recommended for GTA V PC release, it should be up to the task of running the latest games at lower settings!


A nice find, however, I'd recommend you get the top end 180 watt adapter for Asus laptops, it's a match in power output to the Toshiba SLI 8600 nVidia capable X205!

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