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GTA Online Heists Hands-on Impressions


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Various gaming outlets recently got to play a heist in GTA Online, and their hands-on impressions have been released today in both text and video form from IGN, GamesRadar and GameReactor. In addition to their article IGN also put together a 23 minute video on how to plan a heist.
According to IGN the heists are "spectacular". They consist of several smaller set-up missions before a final big event. To start a heist in the first place you'll need to be at least rank 12, as well as own a high end apartment, then you'll simply need to wait for a call from Lester. There is also a setup cost, apparently around $ 60,000, this may vary in different missions/heists.
IGN go into detail about all this in their article, we won't copy and paste all of that here in case you don't want any minor spoilers, feel free to read it at your own leisure, or just watch their video we linked to above. We will quote their conclusion though, as it certainly sings very high praise for heists, making it sound as if the delays and the waiting will all be worth it.

If this sounds like it was a lot, and if it sounds like it was intense, it's because it was both of those things. Just a single full heist arc yielded several great Could-you-believe-it-when? stories for the next day's watercooler chat. Heck, this isn't even all of ours from our single play session!

GamesRadar reckon that each of the heists (there are 5 in this first update) will take around 2 or 3 hours to complete, depending on your approach and skill of course.

The update delivers five major Heists, playable in four-player co-op, that take around 2 or 3 hours each to complete subject to your skills and approach. Each heist is split into substantial preparation missions of 20-30 minutes each, similar to story mode heists. The update also gives you new daily objectives (a bit like Destiny), new Versus modes and a raft of new vehicles and equipment, including a VTOL Hydra jet fighter and night vision goggles.

The guys at their GTAVOclock team put their thoughts into a very thorough 1 hour long report, which you can listen to in their YouTube video, or below.

And finally a quote from GameReactor reminding us of the importance of good communication in your team:

Cooperation is essential, tag-teaming Merryweather soldiers on foot or in vehicles while escaping with a machine gun-packing jeep, or putting down covering fire to open an escape for fellow crew members boxed in by authorities in a hand-off gone wrong.

Communication is important, even vital come one standout moment in a half day's worth of them: working as a coordinated sniper team during a nighttime infiltration of the Lab. If any guard or lab assistant is alerted, it's mission over. Cue timed simultaneous takedowns of patrols and witnesses.

Rockstar provided sites with loads of new screenshots of heists in action, check them out in our gallery below.

gtavheistshumanelabs_01.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_02.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_03.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_04.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_05.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_06.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_07.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_08.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_09.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_10.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_11.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_12.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_13.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_14.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_15.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_16.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_17.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_18.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_19.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_20.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_21.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_22.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_23.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_24.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_25.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_26.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_27.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_28.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_29.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_30.jpg gtavheistshumanelabs_31.jpg

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...Time to UPDATE the consoles again!


I never know if there's an opportune time to do this since I'd be thinking Heists even after set for release will need some patching, but I suppose, you either do it when you get on, or anytime you're itching do go online gaming regardless


I'm always thinking, WHAT will Rockstar do with it's previous EPISODES idea/s? Shelve them in lieu of what is now GTAOnline (5)?


The reason I ask is because I'm not alone in thinking Rockstar might expand Episode like gaming to re-invigorate already in existence maps... I know it sounds like a cop-out and could be deemed boring, BUT the big issue I believe is more buildings that are just closed off boxes dotting the landscape.

I'm sure you've scaled a few buildings based on plenty of ladders and staircases and there's nothing much to see, if Rockstar can do what they've done in general with GTAO, and the previous complete new storylines and involved locations within the GTA IV map, I believe the same could still be done.


Their idea originally I believe was to make the long, early work of making a map in traditional game-making process.something to revisit in a shorter time frame then starting completely from scrap, other then the engine and tools allowing work on consoles (shared as we know, and now the progress of PC version, We still have yet to see if this is RAGE successfully evolving

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