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Starting all over again....

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Just to start a topic for playing GTA IV again, sounds rather vague I know, but I mentioned in a side topic, I felt this is interesting in regards to the evolution to current GTA 5 on all console formats and it's origins as a ground up revisioning of Liberty City with GTA IV on the new hardware of the day, including PC.


I'm opting to play the entire game over on Xbox360 in particular, using my newly refurbed 47 inch LG TV and the component HD input, set for 1080P and I believe 60 frames per second

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Early word is modding the ICEnhancer over to GTA5 seems possible, I haven't seen a lot of evidence yet, just one or two mentions about mods, and when I was temp'd at Rockstar's Newswire, I was hoping to address the evolution of RAGE, if someone posting there might think along the lines that GTA 4's underpinnings and GTA 5 evolved from that, might allow the same 3rd party software patching

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No it's not, well I heard a rumor circulating that Boris Voto-..something Russian, the guy who made ENB series, said the files are hard to access. That was proven false, apparently Boris (the enb dude) only said that because he was mad about his shaders not being compatible or some shit. 


To put it more eloquently: Boris was pissed about his ENB shit not working well or whatever. Keep in mind, this is the same guy who thought Rockstar hated him personally because his mods weren't working with GTA IV's patch People have already accessed the files, it's not Max Payne 3 bad. 

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I keep seeing New York City on TV or movies, and thinking, LIBERTY CITY!! Like when they had to close the Statue of Happiness, er, Liberty because of a bomb threat, turned out to be false, but I was like.... WTF?!?!?


Lemme ask you then, you feel RAGE has evolved, or more or less re-written by now, from the ground up? There was a major length of time delaying the original game because it's key was bridging the console gap, being multi-platform.

I got the feeling Rockstar might hate me for just mentioning the Houser's history and typing Hot Coffee, but it did cause a near paradigm shift for Rockstar and the industry, there were a few games who had to change such a tact, like BMXXX, The publishers had to step in and say 'too much' but for Rockstar it was a case of them not being intimate with the USA game channels, they felt it would be more or less like making an R-rated movie in game form, that anything that might pass the muster in the film medium would translate the same to interactive entertainment, but most of you guys know there's a sort of 'Nintendo is for kids' mentality that translates to video games over all.


That old idea from the outsider's point of view has been pushed to change because video games really evolve through the hardware evolution firstly. The software only comes as a result of what hardware can offer in the experience picture.


I was never trying to court controversy myself bringing it up, I felt the historical significance is part of the bigger picture

Something fans and people who don't get the picture should be aware of, because the real story is not the hype on a poster or billboard, it's good and bad together as the path to success or infamy! haha

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