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GTA IV low memory + loading texture issues

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So I started modding GTA IV for the first time.

And I started it up, noticed I only can hold up to 212mb or something of memory.


I looked it up and there was a way to fix this. But before, I tried it again, still same memory, but this time textures weren't loading, or we're loading extremely slowly.


The way to fix it was to make a txt file called 'commandline' and put it in the GTA IV main directory.

Well, inside the txt you had to put:


-availablevidmem 3.0

-framelimit 0






(ignore the lines) they're not part of the file. Just helping me clean the thread.


And when I did that, it didn't do anything. I still had a low amount of memory. And textures are still not showing all.

PLEASE HELP!!! My comp specs:



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Misleading most everyone is memory spec, it's not merely enough to have gobs of memory installed, something else can be your system bottleneck, and I think it's your spec for Core i5 being a low voltage Netbook or Ultrabook version [u designation for Intel is NEVER used for fast clocking or unlocked central processors]


Also Windows 10 is seen as a better evolution of Windows thus far, but for all the machines it can run on, it's pretty early to know how and which games will run best, your GPU must be of high standard for all Rockstar games, though processing chores can fall on either side at times.


Also within Windows is virtual memory management and USB turboboost memory add ins, and HDD temp use as storage while the system is 'crunching data'

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