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Chinatown Wars on Smartphones


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Taking this outside the realm of the gaming forum because I have a particular line of inquiry about Smartphone, or iPhone use of a game designed for Nintendo DS in particular and firstly brought to the PSP.


The idea of a touchscreen does translate to the game I believe, though I never got to owning one.... Now armed with a Smartphone from Samsung (their venerable Galaxy series) Being a bottom end phone however, sold on eBay working for only $30 bucks, it's actually a way that the hardware and game cost you hardly anything compared to other game systems.


The problem is my specs appear right on the threshold of what's required for a game like GTA, even a basic translation like CTW


It uses Qualcomm's dual core processor known as Snapdragon, and the Android OS Jellybean, which is just on the verge of Google listed OS revisions I believe, and a low memory onboard of 2-4GB of RAM, while allowing miniSD cards, the gaming aspect is likely to require the internal RAM for quick processing in default install operation.


So, anyone go with the phone version and can offer their insights and findings? Do so here, and we'll hopefully get the info for future reference 

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Guest MarlenesFutureDad

Why would people waste their data money on their smartphones to play some crummy game when they could get a $300 tablet and download a good game like San Andreas instead for a meager sum out of their Google Play/credit card money?

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$300 dollars for a large tablet to haul around instead of a laptop is why.... but you'd have to spend more on a gaming laptop obviously... the question is what hardware and OS spec is really a good one for a game like GTA where Rockstar's games have a hard time running on hardware and or OS where somethings amiss, Also, I'm not here to extol the virtue of all handhelds, that's not the intent of this topic, what I'm interested in is knowing the cut off, what side I maybe on.


Right now the phone I have, the M840 ...just double-checked... (Prevail II falls into the model range when Googled, late or mid 2013 vintage) can be an effective gaming phone. 


Remember, the game itself was intended from the start to cater to the Nintendo DS exclusively, whereas a game for PS Vita would be much much, MUCH better!!!


Here's the phone I got upgrading my previous NON-Smartphone....


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