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Paris Under Fire.... Our Prayers go out


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What kind of a God or Religion practices intolerance and cruelty? I know some of you are Atheists, but still with no proof you can provide against having Faith or that there is no Divinity.... I boil it down to Good Evil or Love and Hate. Their Hatred to Christianity and everything else is poison of the human soul..


I pray for healing for those all effected and to those diseffected who empathize with twisted ideology, you're wrong. COMPLETELY wrong. As I see it and always have, something resides outside the realm of man, as humans, men and woman, you YES YOU..... cannot determine what, who, or how that is meant to be served other then good is the way to strive for. Build up, do not tear down. It's much easier a path to hate and destroy it would appear. To do so is NOT RELIGION in any way, shape, or form, and it's certainly not aspiring to all that's good in man... (I speak of all humans, and what they SHOULD endeavor to do)


World Peace maybe impossible, but everyone can make their own effort towards that goal to try and make it seem possible!!

The idea that ISIS - ISIL is moving terrorists aka religious zealots between countries with refugees is morally repugnant.

I don't want to disrespect any of the mass victims in the most recent assualt or prior ones, but I do believe one cannot be passive to their threat.

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Thoughts with the families of those effected by the Paris tragedy, and also anyone effected by the Russian airliner which was blown up, which has today been proven to be a terrorist attack, and is getting a lot less media time than the Paris attacks. I can't help but think either London or somewhere in the states is going to be their next target, especially with the British secret service foiling three terrorist plots in the last month alone, it only takes one to slip through to cause all kinds of atrocities.  

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For once, Black, I agree completely with you.


Look, I am truly sorry for the situation these refugees are in at no fault of their own and I'm sure the vast majority of them, regardless of faith, are good people, but like Scott said, we've gotta look after our own right now and as heartless as it might sound, closing our borders to these people should have been the first course of action. But obviously that spineless asshat in the White House has no real intention of actually fighting ISIS. As amazingly hardcore as units like Delta and DEVGRU are, it's going to take more than just a few teams on the ground and an air campaign to accomplish anything. Air power alone has never, and will never, win a war.


We left Iraq too soon and now the world is paying the price. My only hope now is that France officially declares war and invokes an Article 5.

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I come back from a night at work and hear about the very tragic day of terror in San Bernadino California, WTH?!!? 

People need to check themselves before they wreck themselves....and others. Any ideas why anger is boiling over into deadly violence more then ever? What upside is I don't see video games coming under attack as a scapegoat, as they once did.


BTW, Trevor, I'm sure we can agree on a number of things, if you find what I'm saying at most times is based on facts of life learned after nearly 50 years on the planet, buddy! I didn't just fall off the turnip truck and think I know it all... When you're adding two cents via online, you're likely not fact checking all you say, you can be wrong at any given time.... Anywho, want to say Obama's move has always been to try and get US Forces back home, several US media outlets just the past two days or so talked well on the subject of how you combat foreign sectarian tribal forces in a land geography they know better then we do, where the politics of a system by the people for the people is highly flawed if it even exists at all, by fighting a clear enemy force, the area in question then becomes a vacuum filled back in with something just as bad, in some sense or another, democracy across the World cannot realistically exist it also would seem, but something the US always expresses favoritism towards.


I think the USA would find it easier to deal with Countries in other areas of the World if they were under a Democratic rule. It's been said some of the forces trained but unwilling to fight ISIL-ISIS saw them as a lesser of two evils, but I encourage anyone to see CNN's special report that's been put out on the ISIS threat, it was amazingly well done and explains better the events that shaped their success in the vacuum after the last wars. It's also worth noting any new raised generation can make a concerted effort to turn the tide toward Peace.


I do believe borders need more checking safe guards then ever before, but to not refuse helping those in real need, it's why we have troops staged in various parts of the World, for average people who are under oppression or worse!

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