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Red Dead Three?!


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Coming back to my second if not first favorite Rockstar franchise.... We know there's a strong fan base like me, who want more of the franchise, but would love just some news on any progress and what of RDR and GTA on Sony PS-Vita.


My question is a current one though, what are you guys doing with Red Dead Red? Do you revisit the game at present? I did to see my saved games stored progress, for Undead Nightmare and RDR, and I found one USB dongle of saved games in two profiles... nearly a year apart....  early 2015 to this past month, wow! Still, I did take nearly a year off from GTAOnline as well due to the incessant cheating that was going on last year (over this same Holiday period)


Well, I still think the Red Dead universe is unequaled in many ways, for it's majestic blend of nature and AI, it's large open expanse that plays in the rural feel of new America, and that it looks damn good for last generation in HiDef!!


One of the things that I often reflect on is my experience with RDR Online and the idea that Rockstar want to keep at improving and polishing existing Online for GTA, their biggest endeavor as such which during it's release made sense, but over a lifetime of gaming will become something completely different over time. What of old RDR Online as an experience from it's inception through to it's old hat feel... Been There, Done That. I got into it about 5 months into it's debut, people were only just starting to attack anyone and everyone and things did get worse before getting better. Not to keep going over the same ground, but one thing that did prompt this new thread is to ask about the dedicated site at one time for RDR here or LA Noire? I think there was one, and I recall GTAForums did the same for RDR

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