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PSP er, PSV....vita... life expectancy report


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Sony has a long history of trying to break new ground as Apple does, create in their hopes a paradigm shift in consumer's favorite electronic brand devices. While it would seem PS4 is doing really well up against Xbox One, PS Vita is languishing.

Software reports along with any new news is fleeting, yet they remain rather high priced in the used market, and the evolution since 2005 has been a good one but I feel it's come up short and the main area is no Rockstar announcement of support yet.


Along with your input regarding the handheld market, which I'd like to see posting about, how is your game systems in use holding up? Any Yellow or Red light of death or E74 like errors plaguing anyone in the past year or so??

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So far my PS3 and PS4 are both still fully functioning.  The Wii U, as well, is working just as well as when we got it.  My two PS2s are not fairing as well, as the lasers don't read disks very well anymore.  Same can be said about both of my Wii's.  Although beyond laser issues, all four of those consoles operate as intended.  My Vita is doing well, albeit not being used much and that's partially due to losing my charging cable AGAIN.  My PSP works, but it's modded and probably a decade behind on mod updates.  Oh, and it will not run off of the battery for some odd reason so the "handheld" aspect of it is gone.

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As it happens, I got a PSVita from the local Savers, discounted from $39USD, only to find the PS Vita Sony handheld market is slowly dying, if not fast in some people's minds. They reported to me the other day from game store Gamestop where I went for accessories. Only now do I have the right first gen (1000 vs 2000) charger for Vita!!)


The guy tells me Sony will be exiting the handheld market and focus on tablets or other. The portable gaming on phones trend or tablets seems to have eclipsed more traditional routes. I feel iPad was the start of all that, and the shared multicore for portable evolution helping things along.


I still have hope Rockstar will do something for Vita but they're considered an AAA games maker, and it might feel beneath them, so Gamestop's clerk seems to think.

I'm of the mind that Rockstar will listen to their supporters and have already looked at the Vita as they mentioned in passing back in 2012 (circa)


It's not THAT old. Anyway, as it stands, this one is cracked, but being the early Vita, has the OLED desirable screen and a white case shell, this may also be rare, but you wouldn't know that from the ones online! hahaha

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Addendum Appending.... I hope Chris and his mod team will allow me some leeway as far as add ons to the posts I made, I hoped for some fluid conversation as always, but here it's like pulling teeth. Seems you guys always have your own agenda, mods for GTA, online gameplay with GTA5 or other. I will of course some of these postings were more inspiring to you all, but I feel as ardent diehard gamers, WE HAVE to show our support for the Sony or Microsoft hardware to get game makers on board and not jumping ship, petitions or vocal as hell, whatever means works is what's required.


Don't sit on your hands with closed mouth as the gaming future passes by subject to the whims of non gamers!!


The PS Vita issue is obviously important to me and I have to share this very interesting article on the matter...



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