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Harmful Phish detected...HERE!

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I would advise staff and all legit visitors that my Antivirus upgrade, trusted complicity .... warns me away from these forums because there are Phishing website links present, could be mod links people may want you visiting, or their game-play exploits that will ultimately harm your own computer in the process... Even if they are blissfully unaware and unprotected. I would say the Spambots to be sure, are nothing but harmful and annoying.


Just surf here with EXTREME CAUTION!! This is not an idle threat or a false positive. We've seen the spambotting going on across the board, typically postings originating outside the USA and UK.


That said, I hope Chris, webmaster and staff can pay some attention and hopefully remove these current threats. I like to feel safe clicking on something.


Also, I took a slight hiatus on these forums to allow other posters to get a 'word in edgewise' I'm still around ... however! HAHA

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Been away from the site so as not to post as frequently as I had and allow you all some extra time, but this is crazy, even worse then before, no one's contributing worthy new material and the spammers are taking over as Google yet again advises people to stay away from the site due to Malware links phishing for your personal information, identity theft or worse?!?!?!


So, yeah, Chris and others Moderating might want to consider why users are being turned away from this site as though it were itself malware or malicious in intent. China or Russia hacking into the USA elections, it CAN and HAS happened, along with multiple legit business cyber attacks. Got to stay on top of it

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Yeah sorry about this I'm really busy at the moment. Please know that the extent of the "hack" or "malware" was the same as before - simply a piece of javascript which redirects users to random websites, not even for phishing usually, just to get them pageviews and ad revenue it seems. It was removed within 24 hours of Google notifying us.

We'd actually waited this long to make sure it didn't come back, and in this time we have upgraded both PHP and the IPS forum software itself to the latest and most secure, stable versions. We believe all these factors should permanently fix the problem now. It seems like it was a flaw in IPS 3.x that allowed the malicious content through in the first place.

Google has now been notified of its removal so hopefully the warnings will disappear shortly.

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