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State of the PC


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2016, Microsoft Windows 10 given free for ltd. time, ends this summer, Techspot reports...


Why? Due to lagging sales.

PC support by Dell and others reportedly dropped off...


New tech for PC not widely in circulation due to tablet and Smartphone computing, as well, the new consoles still looking to supplant their ten year old offspring.


This post is to add in some info on 2016 and beyond and to see if you guys want to comment on the state of tech and your own hardware as of late.


Are you focused on phone and console or have high hopes for new life in PC and laptop?


Techspot reports on new Broadwell E processors and a new nVidia powerhouse PC graphics card said to offer an additional 25% gaming power improvement!!


Begs the question, are you excited? Keeping up with the joneses or waiting to see more improving game console software?


In addition to new pipeline news for the world of tech, one article proposes that AMD and nVidia will work together on some unknown project. 

This could be an all time first, ladies and gentleman, depending on what it is, and if pooled resources make a huge impact.

Once upon a time, countless manufacturing brands existed for graphics cards and motherboards, and for those not in the know.... AMD and Intel competed for YEARS in CPU improvements, then AMD bought ATI graphics. Intel furthered their own Graphics Media Accelerators to just within barely acceptable gaming prowess within the CPUs themselves, and nVidia moved from console to handheld portables while continuing to further their PC card line.

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