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It's Only A Game


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After all the disparaging news about the now imfamous Hot Coffee Modification, it's nice to see a website that's not against it.

The Neistat Brothers from VideoGamesAreEvil have made a video. The video shows you that installing Hot Coffee is as easy as tieing your shoelaces.

After the satirical view on the "Hardcore Pornography" as they sarcastically refer to it as they give a another satirical but serious message out to parents.

The Neistat Brothers demonstrate how to make an improvised homemade explosive using various household items (and no I am not joking).

The video ends with the message: "There are many potentially harmful items in your house. A videogame is NOT one of them."

WARNING: TheGTAPlace.com are not responsible for any deaths or injuries that occur as a result of making your own bomb. And we discourage doing so unless you know what you're doing. Don't forget to wear protective glasses and gloves if you are going to try it.

Link: VideoGamesAreEvil (You'll need Quicktime to view the video)

Thanks to GTAReactor.de for the news.

Another site are also making fun of Rockstar Games in their current situation. Penny-Arcade have a little comic which is an amusing read.

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Hahahahaha, that was really good, yeah come on, GTA SA is not telling anyone how to destroy a city, is just a game and nothing more, there are a lot of things that people should be worried about, instead of a fully clothed sex minigame that was hidden in a game.

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