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Where is there a DFF guide?

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The only guide there is so far for converting models from vc(/III) to san an is just for map models - here. You'll probably want to use 3ds max which is 'easier' to get than zmodeler2, and then get the plugins forementioned in that tutorial. The major problems of converting the models lie in the difference of format, converting the txd and dff is relatively easy, however the col is a bit harder as vc uses seperate .col files held in the models/collfolder wheras sa contains the collision in col3 format which are held within the actual dff files themselves. Though I doubt you'll need to update the cols just for that though you'll probably need to move the co-ods about for the places the actors sit and hold on to, and where the skidding will originate from, the latter being less needed. Aside from that you should do a quick search of gtaforums.com's modding>>editing discussion>>vehicles section for some help. Hope this helps you.

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