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IMG Problem

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Ok, heres the problem. I had just installed my very own copy of an IMG tool, and was eager and excited to FINNALY get some of the things i wanted to work (specialty wepons, etc).

So like i was told, i opened the GTA 3.img file, and tried to replace the file (a .dff file), finding out that it was too big.

So i decided ill just have to delete it and put in the new one.

So i tried deleting it, and It gave me the same error over and over.

This is EXACTLY what it said...

"Dir file Error! It might be in use... exiting...

And then the thing just froze up on me.

Does anybody have ANY solution at all to what the HELL is going on?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


(and YES, i DID restart my computer and try it again, still messed up)

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Oh yeah, i had this problem, but I didnt fix it.

I think you need to right-click on the main exe (somwhere in the Vice City file) and make sure that it is not read only.

Yah, i already tried that, and it keeps saying its in use, even when i just restart my computer.

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