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i made a boo boo

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well i herd about a hot coffee release for the xbox version, so i hopped on the comp to check it out and ftped into my box.

thing is, i was also ftping sum updates so i got a little confused :bashhead: and now i am in desperate need of the DEFAULT main.scm and script.img for the xbox

can sum1 plz send me an e-mail to

[email protected]

w/ subject san andreas

or reply with a link to get them :cry:

thx guys

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I'm just going to ban your account, okay?

1) crap username

2) hmm, i appear to recognise you from the other fifty accounts you've made this week, asking the same sorta questions in the same terrible english with the same crap emoticons

3) making more than one user is against the rules, so i enforce it

4) i hate you

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