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Sony PSP Remote Grenades

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I'm back! And I've just made a new mod which changes the remote grenades in San Andreas to some PSP related items.


Download it here

And I just want to say i'm very alive (for those who thought i was dead) and I am glad to be back here after disappearing into ffxi 11 online for so long (which i still play) so sorry if i'm not around as much as i should be i'm working on fixing that.

This mod is my second San Andreas Mod for PC and it changes your satchel explosives and their remote detonator into a Sony PSP remote detonator and UMD Cd explosives.

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Switch, I will ask Chris to take a look at that for you ok..

Ok cool thankyou ^.^ i'm on aol messanger too under switch3dmodeler...

Well this mod took most of the day to prepare so i think i'm gonna go log into final fantasy 11 for a bit but if in the meantime someone could post this mod on the main page for me that can that would be awsome.....

And to Steven the only forum i can see is The GTA Place Forums > General > Current Affairs i don't see any way to post news and the comments links won't let me post comments either....

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