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CJ like girl

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If you want the quick CLEO method. You will need the modded Cleo dll's installed to your GTA SA then dig through which ped you want to become CJ. Then use Sanny Builder to make and compile the simple script.

This OpCode

09C7: change_player $PLAYER_CHAR model_to #WFYRI

will change CJ into the white young rich girl. Then add

0489: set_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR muted 1

in your loop and that will tell CJ to shut the hell up. She will be mute but the effect is all the same. Then the TXD file is less to edit (very small) and you only need half the face.

However the drawbacks are;

Sometimes the model gets weird when you eat or exercise.

The cut scenes will be CJ and not the ped.

People will still refer to you like a guy and call you CJ.


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Wow, a topic over 3 years old and then it gets a reply.

Er.. and you point is? I am assuming that Urbanoutlaw was digging through the search engine as we all should before you post a question. That is the first thing I do. Then IF you cannot find a question similar to your own, you post a new topic. But the thread exists (even 3 years old) bump it up so it can be tossed around again. Sorry for going off topic but it is just forum manners to reuse the older postings and not make a million of your own cluttering up the database. I am sure you didn't mean anything by the remark other than TGTAP has been around for a long time and will continue for a long time to come.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I remembered in GTA 3 and Vice City there was a built in cheat code to wear the peds as costumes. Why isn't there one for San Andreas or did I miss that one?


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