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yes i know about these, i check there about once a week but decided not to install those ones

if you want them then i guess i can install them

two games on there we definately wont be getting are Plasma and Jewels

Jewels becuase i did actually put this on the forum and when i tested it it seemed to never end so i deleted it

Plasma becuase of the size, its over 1mb so for the majority of people with 56K it wont be worth us getting

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When I took a look, I noticed ShadowArcade has far less games than ibProarcade so I found some games that looked cool. That's the only thing bad about Shadow, its good software but there is not a big supply of games.

When submitting to games like the Penguin Bash ones you added today and then a few others, I get this message:

Invalid hash data sent back, submitting this score will not continue.

This could be due to you having an old cache of this game, please clear your cache and try again.

If this problem continues please contact administor about it.

It won't let me submit. Do you think you can fix this?

Edited by Jaruff

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Hmm. Maybe try increasing the times an user can submit per day might affect something. I'm going to log out right now then back in and see if that does anything. It mentioned a 'cache' and I think that might be something regarding tables.

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