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  1. Jaruff

    STOP Replying to Spam

    Chris, I had the same problem and all I did was make email validation required (I don't know if you have that set up here) and not allow validating accounts to post. That seems to be the only way to fix the problem, sadly.
  2. Jaruff

    Happy Birthday Chris

    Hope you have had a happy birthday Chris.
  3. Jaruff


    @Tagg - A websites reputation, nor a webmasters reputation, isn't going to be affected because someone ripped a website name. It is clearly not going to happen. When it comes down to it, GTA-Place.com is always going to be viewed as an average fansite with a ripped name while TheGTAPlace.com has already been established as one of the premire GTA resources on the internet. I mean, when it comes down to the core, people could care less about the website name, as long as the website has quality content. I mean, the only content on GTA-Place right now are PHP error messages. I'm sure that Chris is shaking in fear because a site that doesn't even have a working CMS is going to "take his site" down. Tagg, your latest post has to be the dumbest thing I've read since, well, the post you made before that.
  4. Jaruff

    Remove name effects?

    There are certain effects users can put on their username, such as a glow. With the remove item, you can take an effect off of any user that uses an effect.
  5. Jaruff

    ESPN NFL 2K5

    I wasn't a big fan of the 2K5 gameplay, but the unique game modes were better than what EA Sports offers. Also, I was a fan of NBA 2K5 (I've not played 2K6) and it seemed much better than Live 05.
  6. Jaruff

    Tales of the School Bus

    There was a fight on my bus where this "wanna-be thug" white boy was starting things with this black kid, and the black kid pushed him from the middle of the bus to the drivers seat. The white kid grabbed a broom and started swinging. Some girl got hit in the shoulder and the black guy took the broom from the white guy and laid him out and started to beat him multiple times with his fists. This is going on while the white guy's head is to the right of me. Then the white boy got up and walked off the bus. It was very entertaining to say the least, even though that girl got whacked in the arm with the broom handle.
  7. Jaruff

    First game you got with your PS2

    As for other consoles I've owned, the first PC game I got was Duke Nukem 3D (like one of the greatest games ever). As for PS1, I think the first game I got was some sports game (maybe Madden?).
  8. Jaruff

    Problem message

    1. I would see if anything by the name of BlueYonder is listed in Add / Remove Programs in Control Panel. 2. I would get a registry cleaning program and run it, because you are probably getting that message due to something in Windows registry. 3. Run a spyware / virus check? Perhaps that was put on your PC due to spyware / virus.
  9. Jaruff

    How fast is your CPU?

    I'm the only one with a 800MHz processor. Well, at least I have a gig of ram to back it up.
  10. Jaruff

    Does anyone watch LOST?

    I watched a few of the later episodes, and it seemed like a decent show. Then again, you really don't get a great feel of it unless you've seen every episode. I do plan on catching all of the upcoming season, though.
  11. Jaruff

    Introduce Yourself..

    Yes, seems like you've done a great job with this place since I was last here. 5,000 members and that pretty Alexa rating. And as far as PHP guru's go, yea, you beat me hands down. That mainsite is a work of art.
  12. Jaruff

    Introduce Yourself..

    Yea, I plan on coming in from time to time. To be truthful, the only GTA site other than mine that I usually venture to anymore is The GTA Place, then again, Chris does the best job of getting new information. Things have gone well, I suppose, I was without internet for a few months last year, but besides that, all is well. I think I may venture over into the Gangs area and see what is avaliable.
  13. Jaruff

    First game you got with your PS2

    I got my PS2 the year it came out and I got the Gran Turismo 3 bundle. I got a few other games that I can't recall right now, but I do know GT3 was the first one that I played.
  14. Jaruff

    Man, this place is EMPTY!

    Well if it means anything, I returned today. But yea, with having active members, you are going to have this. Like said earlier, some people just join to ask a question and then leave. Such as on my forum, I have 184 members, but only 30 - 50 of them come on a day and post. It is just one of those things.
  15. Jaruff

    Introduce Yourself..

    I'm surely not new, but I haven't been on the forums in at least a year or so (literally) because of various things. For those that do not remember me, my name is Justin and I am a 16 year old webmaster / PHP guru. Nice to meet some of the new GTA Place members that weren't around when I was last active here.