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Starkweather in VCS?

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If VCS is about Mitch Baker coming home from Vietnam set in the 70's, it could be cool to do some missions by Starkweather from Manhunt. Starkweather could become a parody of Francis Ford Coppola and he would be in Vice City to film his own Vietnam movie and wants to use real Vietnam vets and here's where Mitch comes in.

There would probably missions to take out a rival Vietnam movie production (A Steve Scott movie maybe), a few run-ins with protesting hippies, getting filming permits, and probably playing an extra or the lead in the actually filming of the movie. We could even include the Forellis (since every GTA game should feature the Forellis in one way or another) as the financial backers of Starkweather's film, but when something happens the Forellis don't like, guess who's going to have to protect Starkweather for a little while? Mitch. There's also a possibility of having a cameo of Ramirez at some point.

What do you guys think?

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