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  1. I wonder how many "Jane" and "John" Smiths will feature in GTA V's credits after this. Somebody's getting sued in England! haha. Also, looks to feature a time-lapse of GTA V footage! I wonder what will be found at that lighthouse in-game...
  2. To help cope with the grief after the GTA V delay, I decided to test my visual design skills by making a series of original posters for the Grand Theft Auto games. I'm aiming to do them by order of release, and will post them here as I finish them. It will start off pretty minimal for the early games, but I'm hoping to slip in some cool references for the later games in the series. Hope you like them! Grand Theft Auto 1 Grand Theft Auto London 1969
  3. Plus, they've promised for the cover art to be revealed later this month. Can't wait! They've managed to trickle out this info perfectly. Also, I wonder what/who they've got in that trunk?
  4. Has it been suggested that Michael and Trevor are brothers? It's been said that Michael has "family problems" which could go beyond his wife and kids. They look similar, almost like a "good brother, bad brother" thing, only more convoluted based on their motivation. This also makes Franklin's role as a surrogate son to michael more interesting. He may have to choose between the young guy, who was like a son to him, and his own brother, who has finallly gone out of control. With the allure of the almighty dollar always present. Just a thought. haha. Pure speculation based on the info released. They may be waiting for a big reveal of that plot element.
  5. Ah, yes. Just checked out the Game Informer website. I haven't been this excited since the reveal of GTA IV's trailer!
  6. This looks amazing! We'll know for sure soon, but there's still not much proof that these three will all actually be protagonists. I remember rumours that you could play as Roman in GTA IV, and Grand Theft Auto usually features a few sidekicks for the protagonist (Whom I assume is the man on the right). Can't wait to see the article! Also, notice what appears to be a flaming vehicle in the bottom left. I bet they just pulled off that Exterminator heist on Rodeo Drive and are dumping the van!
  7. That's actually pretty cool. I bet some people put serious time into all those sound effects. *Slow clap*
  8. I still set up my PS2 and play GTA III on a semi-regular basis. I know that this release is not HD, but I'm wondering if there would be any benefit buying it on PSN? My PS3 is plugged into my TV with an HDMI cable, so should I expect the picture to be any clearer than with my PS2? Anyone who can make a comprehensible comparison, that would be great! Thanks.
  9. I'm predicting "Capital City" right now. Like a fictional version of Washington DC.
  10. I wonder if it will include the option to play through ALL of the missions in chronological order, automatically switching episodes at certain points, since they'll all be on one disc. Probably not, but that would be cool.
  11. I'd much rather see interviews with people involved in the production of Grand Theft Auto games. Even people who did minor voice work or motion capture would be interesting.
  12. GTA IV is also over two years old, while RDR is only a few months old. I'm sure the next GTA game will recieve way more perks and coverage than RDR. That's just the way she goes.
  13. RIP Dennis Hopper

  14. I definitly hope to see some GTA IV characters return.
  15. Here's the Tenpenny Pulaski VCS art I would've liked to have seen some San Andreas characters in GTA VCS.
  16. There was also some Vice City Stories game art of two VCPD police officers who looked like Tenpenny and Pulaski.
  17. I KNEW it! I never doubted this news! I'm SO fudging happy and excited for this though! Let's hope March comes soon!
  18. A GTA movie would have to have NOTHING to do with Hollywood. Hollywood shits on everything. GTA the movie would have to be written and produced by Rockstar Games. I'd also like to see an unknown actor in the lead role, and maybe some voice actors reprising their roles from the games. Tom Sizemore as Sonny Forelli, Frank Vincent as Salvatore Leone, etc... It could involve the cities, characters and events from the GTA series placed into an original story, with only some story elements taken from the games. I also think it should take place in GTA 3 era, and maintain a somewhat cartoony atmosphere. If it became too serious, it might as well be any crime movie.
  19. Thanks for the birthday message bro.

  20. That's cool. I wonder if that article was inspiration for Catalina's appearance in GTA SA or if it was just by coincidince that they included her in it, without realizing their previous hint.
  21. Patty-T

    Petition Rockstar!

    I doubt that there's anything more to Epsilon than what you already know. It's just supposed to be a mysterious cult. Kifflom.
  22. Patty-T

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    As mentioned by FiGro a couple posts back, people living in a safehouse with you. It wouldn't require anything too complicated, you'd just go to your safehouse and your GF or buddy could be watching TV, or you could challenge them to pool or video games. eg. if this were present in GTA SA, then at Madd Dogg's crib, Sweet would sometimes be seen playing basketball in the gym, and Rosenberg would be sitting and working in the office, Maccer and Kent Paul working in the studio etc....
  23. Patty-T

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    The police presence needs to be toned WAY down. Obviously if you start shooting people down in the street in the middle of the day, the cops will come and chase you, shoot you etc. But if you fire a gun in a dark alley, or shoot a homeless man on an abandoned beach, the police shouldn't show up, atleast not for a long time. Also, the helicopters shouldn't be able to shoot at you until AT LEAST 6 stars. The chopper should be there to keep track of where you are so cops can come on foot or in cars, it shouldn't be able to attack you. There's times in GTA IV where it would be SO fun to just sit on a roof and snipe cops, but then the chopper comes and ruins the fun because I have to constantly take out the gunmen until they eventually kill me. The gangs on the street need to be the REAL enemy, not the police.
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