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    Claude, Tommy, CJ or Toni?

    Well since GTA IV is considered a true sequel to GTA III, it would make sense that Claude will make a return as the main character.
  2. TheTrekman

    Pets in GTA

    I would have to say that if GTAIV has as much or more wilderness as San Andreas, there should be animals. Bears, mountain lions, wolves, dear, rabbits, wild boars, etc. Anything that would make the wilderness more interesting. Bigfoot would be cool too. And of course domesticated animals as well since if Bully can have dogs, why not GTA?
  3. TheTrekman

    No Carcer City for me Thanks

    As I mentioned before in this topic, Carcer City is GTA's take on Detroit, a city full of poverty, crime, and corruption and a perfect addition to the GTA universe. And also, if a future game does feature Carcer City it will most likely feature the entire state it resides in. This will include Liberty City (we can finally see what's behind the mountains, another part of the city perhaps?) and quite possibly GTA versions of Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. Not to mention the surrounding towns and regions. Hell, my dream GTA game would consist of the stuff mentioned above as well as an expansion of both the Vice City and San Andreas maps. Vice City would be now part of a chain of islands (Florida Beads?) with GTA versions of New Orleans, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Houston, and Tampa. A GTA version of Key West would also be in order. San Andreas would have GTA versions of Seattle, Honolulu, and Phoenix in addition to the three we already have. And then where ever GTAIV takes place (the British Isles?) my dream GTA game would include an expansion of that map as well. As long as there's something new, I don't mind going back to cities we've already been to.
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    Confirmed Outfits

    USMC stands for United States Marine Corps.
  5. TheTrekman

    No Carcer City for me Thanks

    Carcer City is GTA's take on Detroit and if the next GTA game (or at least a future GTA game) features the city, more than likely it will feature the entire state in which both Carcer City and Liberty City reside in.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FfbOCLzgp4
  7. TheTrekman

    Food in GTA 4

    It's just like having a health heart in the kicthens of your safehouses in LCS, but instead of the health hearts, you just walk up to the refrigerator and press the triangle button, like the vendors in SA. At least it's better than getting groceries and cooking...
  8. TheTrekman

    Food in GTA 4

    With or without the fat meter, I do prefer the food over the hearts, though instead of buying groceries and cooking diner at home, all you really just need to do is walk up to the frig to get some food, just like the vendors only it's free. Also, in addition to the food, what about painkillers scattered throughout the map and at hospitals instead of hearts? It would make it more in line to other R* games such as Max Payne and Manhunt. And hey what about getting some Flash from a dealer on the streets, though for a price?
  9. TheTrekman

    Starkweather in VCS?

    If VCS is about Mitch Baker coming home from Vietnam set in the 70's, it could be cool to do some missions by Starkweather from Manhunt. Starkweather could become a parody of Francis Ford Coppola and he would be in Vice City to film his own Vietnam movie and wants to use real Vietnam vets and here's where Mitch comes in. There would probably missions to take out a rival Vietnam movie production (A Steve Scott movie maybe), a few run-ins with protesting hippies, getting filming permits, and probably playing an extra or the lead in the actually filming of the movie. We could even include the Forellis (since every GTA game should feature the Forellis in one way or another) as the financial backers of Starkweather's film, but when something happens the Forellis don't like, guess who's going to have to protect Starkweather for a little while? Mitch. There's also a possibility of having a cameo of Ramirez at some point. What do you guys think?
  10. TheTrekman

    GTA 4s New Story Line.

    I personally don't think Cluade is a mute, just a man of few words. As Maria said on Chatterbox, "He doesn't talk too much."
  11. TheTrekman

    The new character is.........

    I agree with most of you. What's the point of playing a character that dies two years later? At least he wasn't killed at the hands of Tommy and technically Tommy did avenge his death by getting the money and the drugs back and killing the man who was responsible, albiet also killing his brother in the process.
  12. TheTrekman

    GTA 4s New Story Line.

    I think it's safe to say that Claude is alive at the end of GTAIII. Not only do you continue playing him at the end of the story missions, but that shot in the end was just for comic effect. Plus, I don't think he has to talk if he comes back in GTAIV as the main character, but if he does talk, it should be used sparingly.
  13. TheTrekman

    GTA 4s New Story Line.

    I say that GTAIV will be set in the present, Claude coming back as the main character (since this game is the true sequel to GTAIII, it only makes sense to be a continuation of Claude's adventures), and set in a GTA parody of the British Isles. Movies for inspiration would be Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Layer Cake, and all the other recent British Crime movies out there.
  14. TheTrekman

    Starkweather in VCS?

    Ramirez was the guy in Manhunt that ordered all the gangs around in a few of the cut scenes and you finally got to kill him in "Divided they Fall".
  15. TheTrekman

    side characters

    Well, the reason why I mentioned Claude is since GTAIV is said to be a true sequel to GTAIII, it does make sense that GTAIV would be a continuation of Claude's adventures.
  16. TheTrekman

    side characters

    I think we should have the side characters as main characters just for the PSP GTA games and leave the big console games for new characters or Claude.
  17. TheTrekman

    V-Rock Music & DJ

    Well, I believe VCS will be set in the 70's, so I think the music would be more in line to the music featured in San Andreas' K-DST.
  18. TheTrekman

    What Kind of Map Layout for next GTA

    Yeah I've had that idea before. The way I would see it is like lets say we have six regions: 1. The GTA state in which Liberty City and Carcer City reside. 2. The chain of islands off the coast of Florida that Vice City is a part of. 3. An expansion of San Andreas 4. An expansion of whatever GTAVI will be (which I think is a parody of the British Isles) 5. And let's say a GTA parody of Japan 6. GTA parody of Italy With this, from any region, you just take a plane and fly to a certain distance until the screen changes to a menu that asks what region would you like to go next. This would also work with boats, though with a few limitations, of course. This dream GTA game I have also has a potential for a smuggler's run type side mission, since each region would contain a border to another country with along a foreign city. Region 1 would have Canada (Toronto) Region 2 Cuba (Havana) Region 3 Mexico (Mexico City) 4 France (Paris) 5 China (Hong Kong) 6 Can't think of anything right now. Maybe Spain, Southern France, or even Germany. Man, what a game this would be!
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    I actually remember reading about that several years ago in a speculative article on what the could be cool to see in the next GTA game after Vice City. It was a really cool read and it had several other ideas that I wouldn't mind seeing in a future GTA game.
  20. TheTrekman

    Weebls Stuff Comical GTA4 Preview

    I must say that while it was mostly for fun, that article had some very interesting ideas that I wouldn't mind seeing in a real GTA game
  21. TheTrekman

    Multigenerational GTA4

    I think it's too early for that. Wait until we get more cities first.
  22. TheTrekman

    Who do You Think Will be the Main Character?

    If you want a new character, wait for GTAVI. Like LCS, VCS will most likely be about a character previously seen in Vice City before Tommy arrived. Like Mitch Baker or Umberto Robina.
  23. TheTrekman

    The Six Year Theory

    Here's one of the many proofs that GTAIII is set in 2001: http://www.rockstargames.com/libertytree/
  24. TheTrekman

    New Character or Old Character?

    I have a feeling that since GTAIV is basically the true sequel to GTAIII that you might play Claude again. I can just see it: Claude in the UK
  25. TheTrekman

    Who do You Think Will be the Main Character?

    Those same CJ-Barricades are also in Manhunt and San Andreas, so I doubt they're a reference to CJ.