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I don't believe. I tried it on my old laptop with only 256MB RAM and it worked, slowly, but did. I had the similar prob with trimming audio tracks. Restarting the program helped. And if you've worked a lot and then wanted the preview (with lot of effects) 512mb RAM might be the tight spot. I have 1 gig RAM and it eventually runs out of memory. Reboot the comp to clear the RAM. Or maybe your HDD is the problem. Try to clean all the unneccesary files and empty the recycle bin.

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Hm, make sure that all the items in the timeline are also on the left side where are all the "source" items. But I think you're prolem is that you haven't created a new sequence. In the items window select "new item > new sequence" (or something like that, dunno). You'll get a "Sequence01" or something similar by default. Of course, you can change the name.

You can't actually do something with the sequence file, but they're required when starting and editing a project.

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so, let me confirm this (remember, this is Unregistered Fraps)

I do my recording,


sound on, 30 FPS, half size.

GTA settings:

frame limiter on, MIP mapping on, 600x800x???, FX details low.

I do my recording, and then I CLOSE FRAPS?

then I look over it on my computer. then I can copy the files from my folders onto my thumbdrive, and then bring it to the school, and open it in Adobe Premier.

anything I could possibly be missing? at all? any ideas on how to reduce filesize? anything I need to consider, any details not being brought up?

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well, thats why this is a forum. the people that DO know, they can read and answer. its like asking me about weapons. I can tell you all about guns (and sometimes which ones in game they should replace if you make one)

I need help with video making, so I am asking here. Slayer has a good insight, so perhaps we should hear him when he speaks (or read carefully when he posts).

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Well first I'd suggest you to get 1.9d Fraps. It's ugly if you have a watermark. If you're gonna use the replay feature remove the REPLAY text with GXT tool. Chris has written a tut if you need one. If you're gonna record in real time (while playing) turn off the HUD and radar.

If you're going to release a video at medium quality (320x240) play at 640x480x32 and record half screen (if you have unregistered Fraps) but I'd suggest you to get the free version, play at 640x480x32 and record full screen so that you get your vid at the same resolution (640x480).

Other than that, keep MIP mapping off and FX qual low too, unless you need to use some of the FX effects from SA in your vid (fog, rain, scratches on vehicles...). If you need these, set the FX qual to max.

Keep the frame limiter on and set fraps to record at 30 fps. So, play the game, press the record key, press it again to finish recording. After you've done all the clips, turn off fraps and get a preview (with WMP or WinAmp).

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