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GTA1 Multiplayer made Easier


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Hey everyone who still plays GTA1 or is interested in playing GTA1 online. I write a client and server called GTADS that allows you to find players and set up multiplayer without having to know IP addresses or opening up multiple ports. There is a lot of work to be done with it to make it "complete" but it allows you to get back into the classics and play a fun deathmatch game. I plan to extend support for GTA2 and a slew of other games that aren't "easily" played over the internet with random people.

Link to GTADS site: http://gtads.blogspot.com

Link to Documentation: GTADS Manual

You can look for me in there as either sday or admin.

Please note, a new version with more features coded is slated for the end of this week.


Infinity :weird:

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Sounds good, thanks for letting us know about it. I think is it gtamp.com that already have some sort of GTA2 multiplayer thing going? Good that you're still supporting these classic games though, I may try it out one day soon.

That's cool, i'm also the one that started the GTA open source petition. I hope to send that out at 1000 signatures. But back to the point I am going to add GTA2 support and support for other games. The strength of GTADS is that it only uses 1 port rather than the range of ports required.

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