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GamesTM VCS Preview

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gamestm-vcs-preview.jpgAs I'm sure you were aware when we posted yesterday, GamesTM is available today in the UK, and we now have more information on Vice City Stories thanks to their preview.

  • Sea planes and helicopters will be included, this probably includes the Skimmer and Sea Sparrow we all know from the original Vice City
  • Philip Michael Thomas, who voices Lance Vance is "the only confirmed voice talent" at the moment
  • Binoculars will be available at all times, rather than just being available on one or two missions like the camera was in Vice City.
  • Jet skis will have completely different handling to boats, as is expected
  • Different pedestrians will appear at different times of day. For example, you'll see people partying late at night, and bums early in the morning scouring the streets
  • Phil Cassidy is to return. GamesTM say he appears in one of the game's loading screens.
  • The city features enhanced dynamic lighting effects, essentially making Vice City look a nicer place.
  • A brand new Rocket Launcher will be available for your everyday general explosive needs

Unfortunately we can't post scans as we'd be breaching the copyright, however, our friends at VCS:PSP have posted some nice high quality ones you can look at for the moment, not sure how long they'll be up though.

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Yeah I was thinking of that too (but I guess at the time I thought they might be useful, somehow...), why would you need binoculars if all you can do is see really far? If it was a camera it would be more fun and useful.

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