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Can someone please explain why the Zmodeler sucks

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Yep thats right I bash any program I spend this much time with trying to get it to work and people want to keep the instructions a huge black bag seret as if their life depended on it and that people rant and rave over that its so great but yet its only great for a small group of people who all know each other....

Simple thing I always shake my head at with these programs is the fact that there are never any instructions on how to load up anything in them so you can do what the program allows it to....but yet there are all these instructions on what to do with it after the files are already loaded into the program...

Knowing what to do AFTER THE FACT does nothing for you if its never explained how to get the data into it in the 1st place

I have had Zmodeler 2.0.7 (Build 802) for a while now (About 3 weeks) I have updated it, and spent over 14 hours reading FAQ's and manuals, including the ones from the makers of this tool and so far every single thing I read on it explains only what to do with this tool AFTER THE FILE IS ALREADY OPENED IN IT

But there is no instruction as to how to get afile into the program in order to edit it, or allow you to create a new file with it, and to top it off there are no shell files (Blank file) anywhere.

I don't care what anyone says until someone posts up a pictured tutorial on how you are supposed to:

1) Create a new file with this

2) Open up something in it in order to edit it

3) Explanin how to convert, make, and find .z3d files so they can be opened in this

then no one will say this program works because of the following reasons:

It won't allow the Creation of a new file (Nothing happens when you click new) no navigation or drop down boxes or save options

It won't allow you to open up any TXD or dff files in it (if there is a way its locked no one seems to want to explain how

It won't allow you to open up any TGA and or Bitmap files in it

It won't allow you to open up anything in paint in it

It won't allow you to create any .z3d files

There are no .z3d files to open or that can be found anywhere ( I have serached and searched)

Also I tried using the rename section and there is no compatabilty that I can see because According to that I should be able to open them up in Zmodeler---On top of that in the TXD editor it says under the image section: rename alphas to be Zmodeler compatible but that does nothing as well

Even in the TXD if I click create new ----it does but with this program you can't just click new and bang it shows up. There is some secret needed to be mentioned in order to get this option to work..in fact all the options in this tool are secrets that need unlocking....

I thought unloackable stuff only fell into the videogame categeory..not in internet tools

So does someone want to explain to me how can a program be that great if it doesn't do anything or allow you to do anything you are suppsed to be able to do with it...So far for a program thats supposed to be good I ahve nothing good to say about it.......To put it plainly this program sucks...

I mean seriously what good is a program if it won't let you create or open anything in it and there are no files except its own that can be opened with it but it will not let you create them and there is no converter

So as it is right now...no one onthe face of this planet was able to create any mods with this program..not a chance in hell..you can say yes all you wnat and that you did but the fact remains that you need it's own file types to open them and there is no way to creaet them or any place to get a shell one

ok So fire away with explainations to everything above

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It sucks because I said so.

ROFLCOPTOR....Well at least I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that found this program useless

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Ok, you could have asked this in a more pleasant manner before going off on one.

Anyway, I've never done any modelling, and I've never used Zmodeler, so I don't know how to answer your questions.

However, there's a tutorial for creating a model from scratch - http://www.etspe.ca/zmt/v2/

It's for zmodeler 1.07, I'm not sure how different version 2 is.

For unlocking .dff files:

go here - http://members.lycos.co.uk/yeehaa2/

scroll down and download dffunlock.zip

It was originally for Vice City, though I imagine it would work with GTA3 and San Andreas as well, hopefully it does for your sake anyway.

Let us know how you get on with that...

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yep this tool ZMODELLER is as useless in 2017 as it was first day it came out..they seem to create tools that "work by chance" (many artists use zbrush to move around stuff until they find things they like and call that "concept") so this tool is, a overfull list of functions that waste time whenever you want to do basic operations..3ds and maya and blender or whatever other tool is 20 times more intuitive fast and more Accurate... they should be focusing on fixing other things and improve what makes Pixologic great rather than adding underrated tools that drag them back

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