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karl hungus

random occurance please help

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ok forgive me if im breaking any rules here but i have a question. i just started reading this forum now.

i just have a little anecdote of an instance that happened when i was randomly messin' in GTA3, it was a long time ago, so give me some leeway.

sooo a while ago, i was screwing around in GTA3(pc version) and i had a few cheats on. i was randomly driving bya streetcorner, and i witnessed a prostitute and a trenchcoat wearing pedestrian(the ones that you see in the mission where you have to deal with porno) . they walked up to eachother and the prostitute leaned down and started giving the trenchcoat wearer a BJ.

at the time i had a high wanted level and i could only stare in amazement/confusion for about 20 seconds, and then someone randomly fired a rocket and blew the whole scene up.

i did have some cheats activated but i cant remember what or how many, im pretty sure i had the peds go crazy/fight eachother/peds have weapons cheats on(hence the random rocket attack). this was like 2 years ago, i cant remember exactly. also i have NEVER been able to recreate this, nor have i seen anything like it again in hours/days of playing.

so what i want to know is, has anyone else seen this? or has anyone seen anything similar?

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As far as I know prostitutes giving random peds blowjobs is not in the code.

Quick hide the topic from JT :D

Does sound like it was just a coincidence the prositute decided to take that moment to carry out a leaning over animation.

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