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Send in the stunts Comp


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Hey Guys!Made a new competition.Ive got 12 spots and the first 12 people who PM me their stunts will be in the comp.Oh,and if it doesn't meet requirements listed below,it will be rejected.


The stunt is in GTA3,GTA:VC,GTA:SA,or GTA:LCS

No Mods

it is a good stunt,so if it doesn't measure up to comp condition,it will be rejected.

It Can be in 2-Player,but it is recommended you do it on one player mode.

No Change Suit codes or any by controller

Send Them In!

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What I mean:Controller codes such as Spawn Rhino are not permitted

Why not? there is a spawn rhino code for the PC version, and all it is like is basically speeding things up, imagine if the vehicle we were using blew up? Or ended in the sea? would you want us to drive to the other side of san andreas to get it and drive back? Or just re-spawn it?

I would be in but I don't think many people will compete, therefore it being a wasted .rep

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