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  1. At least I didn't take an avatar from some shitty kids show named Lazy Town!And besides being a Don of crap,you're a normal member too!
  2. Listen.Ive made it to Vandal in 2 days and I just started.Who do you think I am?An asskicker!And Ive been born and carried home in a tornado!It takes a lot to scare me!And you are only tickling!
  3. If it is then move it!Its that simple!
  4. Oh Im the dumbass?Says the guy who doesn't know what sasser is!And my bro must of put the worm in there.
  5. I liked the one where you beat up the construction workers and start a riot!lol then gettin out.I kept runnin them all over
  6. double check spelling!I said my cousin got sasser!dumbass!
  7. Seriously,you don't see a guy and his friend rob a bank and the robber blows his buddys head off a lot,now do you?
  8. You know,who frigs?Its not like I will no you cheated right?Screw that rule!Except no flying codes or stupid crap like that.
  9. No Ive been a Nova Scotian all my life,but why im not talking right is because i suck at typing.
  10. What I mean:Controller codes such as Spawn Rhino are not permitted
  11. Right where you quoted,I meant:No Cheat Codes entered by controller.
  12. Uhhh....yeah im pretty sure youre supposed to type something in.
  13. If they made a movie stunters would get lots for the idea of the stunt they did unless they stole it.
  14. Im talking about cheat codes right there.
  15. Apparently that isnt for SKINS!not modz,Skinz!
  16. 1.My little brother deleted my mod before I got a picture2.You don't know what sasser is?Its a virus that automatticly logs you off in the middle of something!You need to learn about computers.
  17. Yea but how often do you and a buddy,rob a bank,then out of nowhere he just pumps you full of lead?Not often.
  18. Hey Guys!Made a new competition.Ive got 12 spots and the first 12 people who PM me their stunts will be in the comp.Oh,and if it doesn't meet requirements listed below,it will be rejected. Requirments: The stunt is in GTA3,GTA:VC,GTA:SA,or GTA:LCS No Mods it is a good stunt,so if it doesn't measure up to comp condition,it will be rejected. It Can be in 2-Player,but it is recommended you do it on one player mode. No Change Suit codes or any by controller Send Them In!
  19. I like Claude because hes a Badass Mofo and if you think for a SECOND you can push him around,by the time you start,you're head will be CLEAN OFF!B**ch!
  20. My point is,little brothers are annoying.Especially when they know a lot about computers.Plus what I meant about the virus,I gave it to my cousin and it gave him sasser.
  21. Oh.Yea I sucked at the game.Couldnt even get past Og Loc.
  22. Or,if you have if you dont have 100%,which im guessing is true,try looking at you're stats and see how many horseshoes you already have.maybe you already got it,and are missing a different one.
  23. One time,I made this mod where Claude has Orange Pants,Red shoes,A tye dye tee shirt,And I made one for a green shotgun.But didnt release it cuz it broke my game and gave me some viruses.And my little bro deleted it and the game.Oh and forgot,he had a baseball cap.
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