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  1. Thanks for supporting Quake 2 man. I watched this video, Fracture. It was crazy.
  2. Fracture First off, give it up to brandon6199 for his fantastic aid in helping me out rendering this. The Xtreme Quality version will be up a little later, i have some problems rendering it so i'll do it on the new computer i'll buy next week. Thanks to everyone who did an effort to do and submit stunts for this and my apologies to those who didn't make the cut but hopefully there will be more chances for you. More links will follow but as off right now all the available versions are hosted from brandon6199's server. Without more talk, here's Fracture: High Quality: brandon6199's Site Medium Quality: brandon6199's Site Low Quality: brandon6199's Site Enjoy! New shit. I'm downloading now.... 79%
  3. I think some stunts were modded... at 1:02 only one person has ever done that and a hundred people have tryed with no success.
  4. After you complete the mission were you valet park cars you return to the same Hotel and I think you can find a red cxircle blip thing outside to do the mission. Not exactly sure, but try it.
  5. Sonny has a "Ruger" Next question: What weapon is available as a pickup after destroying the Haitian drug factory? a. Rocket Launcher b. Colt Python c. Minigun ' Gattling gun thing d. Sniper Rifle
  6. I believe all the sounds in the game can be found in the Audio folder. You might not have the necessary programs to listen though?
  7. Not so hot stunts, but congrats on your first stunting video. If you have any others don't be afraid to post them.
  8. I can't believe not one time in the video you didnt use the "Lean Up" BUTTON! It makes CJ duck under the wind screen and you go alot faster... Hmm about the stunts. It's not fun to watch them because they all can be done in one try. Next time try things that take like many many more tries than 4...soemtimes you will get lucky. anyway, try harder stuff and push yourself to the limit. This was way to easy man. Good luck in the future.
  9. thanks guys. here's a better fan userbar if you like. [img=http://img456.imageshack.us/img456/4268/urbanlegendfankk5.png] Without glow http://img367.imageshack.us/img367/4835/urbanfanwithoutglowel3.png
  10. thanks for the comments dudes. appreciated
  11. haha yeah, I bet in a little bit of time you can do the same stunt on ps2. thanks for commenting. did you guys download or stream?
  12. Some info: Stunters: AtomiK Crazy FlatFace Jessrocked Juan Kenny KillaMarci Krow DJ Marchello Morbidxxx NicoGamer Plumpegg Question Rev Spoof Sweet Urban Legend Wozzie xMinTx Music: Crazy Town - Think Fast Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive Roadrunner United - The End Immediate Music - Imperativa Lenght: 5:34 Filesize: 177mb Download Quake 2 @ FileFront.com Download Quake 2 @ load.to Watch Quake 2 @ YouTube.com Not recommended!!! - if you have any questions about a stunt, how it was performed provide me with the time frame in the video.
  13. Prawn Island, movie studio. What does Ken Rosenberg have a "touch of" in the beginning of the game?
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