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avatar's and Sig image resize thread


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I don't actually get the point of this topic. Why would you resize others peoples' images? And why don't they do it on their own? It's something too simple to do. You can do it in Paint. Besides, when uploading on a site like imageshack, you can use the image scale feature...

But ok, let this be an image resize topic...

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I don't use ImageShack, to annoying.

I use PhotoBucket.

The point is, some people can't be bothered to resize their images or don't know how to. So all they do is post there image they want resized and i can do it in seconds, providing the image isn't realy big and they want it resized to a smaller size because it would come out weird.

All i am doing is offering my services, you don't like it, upto you.

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Lol, and where were you when we needed you? Just look at the IPB store upgraded topic please. It has 13 pages or such. And a few of us, including me, KP (haven't seen him for a while :rolleyes:) and Jace were resizing images all the time.

I'm sure someone would might need your service when IPB store gets final release.

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Sorry super mod, but it realy gets annoying when you try to help people and they are horrible!

I wouldn't call Photobucket 'amazing software'. There is nothing amazing about software that resizes photos. Not the resizing part, atleast... EVERY image editor I've EVER used had image resizing.... But I rest safe with Photoshop.

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