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Vice City Stories 100% Checklist

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Many of you will no doubt have completed the main storyline of Vice City Stories by now, or are near to finishing it. A lot of you may want to play the game to is full extent and gain 100% completion. To help you in remembering exactly what things you have left to do, I have produced a checklist for you to print out and tick off everything you've done.

The checklist is currently the most in-depth and detailed available on the web. In the .zip file I have included both .doc and .pdf formats. If the colour or bordering looks a bit messed up, don't worry, as it should look absolutely fine when printed out on to paper. At this point in time there may be a few inaccuracies regarding side missions, so be sure to let me know if anything is wrong and I'll fix it a.s.a.p. Also keep checking back here for updates as we're hoping to release maps of all 99 red balloons, rampages, unique jumps and other interesting things.

Link: Vice City Stories 100% Checklist (printable .pdf and .doc)

On a sidenote, I've also added and updated my Liberty City Stories 100% Checklist for anybody needing this.

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Not exactly an easy way TM.But deffinetly useful.Thanks for the info Chris :)

Well it will atleast help me finish and get all packages.

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