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100% Completion List

Carl J

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What you need to do:

All Storyline Missions

All Side Missions

All Hidden Packages

All Car Missions

All Rampages

All Unique Jumps

Note: Expect a longer development time for our interactive maps on all those Hidden Packages etc., because of the number of different objects that are in the game.


Full Missions List:


Vincenzo Cilli Missions


Dealing Revenge


Smash and Grab

Hot Wheels

The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade

JD O\'Toole Missions

Bone Voyeur!

Done in 60 Seconds

A Volatile Situation

Blow Up \"Dolls\"

Salvatore\'s Salvation

The Guns of Leone

Calm Before the Storm

Made Man

Ma Cipriani

Snappy Dresser

Big Rumble in Little China

Grease Sucho

Dead Meat

No Son of Mine

Salvatore Leone Missions

The Offer

Ho Selecta!


Rollercoaster Ride


Sindacco Sabotage

The Trouble With Triads

Driving Mr. Leone

Maria Missions

Shop \'till you Strop

Taken for a Ride

Booby Prize

Biker Heat

Overdose of Trouble



Salvatore Leone Missions (2)

A Walk in the Park

Making Toni

Caught in the Act

Search and Rescue

Taking the Peace

Shoot the Messanger

Donald Love Missions

The Morgue Party Candidate

Steering the Vote


Friggin\' the Riggin\'

Love & Bullets

Counterfeit Count

Love on the Rocks

Leon McAffery Missions

Sayonara Sindaccos

The Whole 9 Yardies

Crazy \'69\'

Night of the Living Dreads

Munitions Dump

Church Confessional Missions

L.C Confidential

The Passion of the Heist


False Idols



Salvatore Leone Missions (3)

Rough Justice

Dead Reckoning

Shogun Showdown

The Shoreside Redemption

Donald Love Missions (2)

Panlantic Land Grab

Stop the Press

Morgue Party Resurrection

No Money, Mo\' Problems

Bringing the House Down

Love on the Run



Toshiko Kasen Missions

More Deadly than the Male

Cash Clash

A Date with Death

Cash in Kazuki\'s Chips


Salvatore Leone Missions (4)

The Sicilian Gambit




Slash TV

Wrong Side of the Tracks

Car Salesman

Noodle Punk

RC Thrashin\'

Scrap Yard Heap

Bumps and Grinds

Scooter Shooter

Race 1

Race 2

9mm Mayhem

RC Triad Take-down

Avenging Angels

Stauntan Island

Go Go Faggio

Bike Salesman

Pizza Boy

Avenging Angels

Bike Race

Carazy Giveaway

RC Ragin


Shoreside Vale

Car Race

Bike Race

Avenging Angels

AWOL Angel

RC Race

See the Sight Before your flight

R3 Missions

Taxi (100 Fares)

Vigilante (beat level 12)

Firefighter (beat level 12)

Paramedic (beat level 12)

Trash Dash (all 3 islands)

100 Hidden Packages

26 Unique Jumps

20 Rampages

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I seen this somewhere on another site? Did you copy and paste? because if you did, you should have really given credit to the site which you found it on.

Yeah mostly you copied it, i can see it is from a site, maybe from gamesfaqs, cause if you did, your in serious trouble, copying some of there info would get you in trouble, with the law, they actually give a legal Rights to there faqs, Ripping it off, without asking them will get you in trouble.

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