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    The 10 Easter Eggs

    These are all of the pictures of the "Number Easter Eggs". Enjoy trying to find them. 1 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. These were not found by me And here is a special poster which you can find at the staduim. If you cannot read that then it says this: "You are standing on USJ 005a, a fine new addition to our great city that isn't contrived(?)at all." Have you found the 10 easter eggs? Rockstar Leeds would like to thank you for playing the game and letting us have a rockin' christmas party And finally here is the map that Cubanwhip made. Credit: Credit goes to Karoi of gtaforums, for taking the time to find all of the pictures. Thanks to Cubanwhip for the map. And thanks to WastedEngland of gtaforums for that poster.
  2. Ciaran

    GTA Chinatown Wars commercial

    That Pre-Order deal is a little bit rubbish (IMO)... Like couldn't that money just be unlocked via a cheat or something? Pretty lame Gamestop, Pretty lame... Though I wasn't expecting anything less from the evil corporate giant Good advert though
  3. Ciaran

    TGTAP Gathering

    Country: UK Territory/State: N.Ireland City: Newry Im pretty sure when Im older I could easily travel to England by plane... It doesnt cost that much for flights from here to London... Or you know you guys could all just stop being awkward and come to N.Ireland Jeez. lol
  4. Yeah Im kinda back :P I'll only be snooping around, doing what I usually do. Ive been good, exams and stuff in march <.< GCSE's yuck =/ What about yourself? :)

  5. Ciaran

    Official Playstation Discussion

    Massive Action Game (MAG) looks fucking epic. 256 players FTW!!!
  6. Ciaran

    E3 2008

    What? I never said anything about Sony having the rights to the game. You just completely went onto something else. I was just merely stating that I wanted the next Final Fantasy to stay on the PS3, kthxbai? If its as awesome as the last ones, then HELL YEAH!. Microsoft E308 > Sony E308 > >>>>>Nintendo E308
  7. Ciaran

    E3 2008

    off topic but what state San Jose, California I'm going to watch Sony at E3 on GameSpot now. God of War III plz?
  8. Ciaran

    E3 2008

    How the hell did Sony lose Final Fantasy?! It was the one exclusive that kept me to my PS3. Poor Sony... In America at the moment xD
  9. Ciaran

    Happy Birthday TEC!

    Happy B-day. If you lived here you could smoke! [Legally]
  10. Ciaran

    What are you listening to right now?

    Coldplay - Viva La Vida Epic.
  11. Ciaran

    Official Playstation Discussion

    And only one year late, not bad Sony.
  12. Ciaran

    GTA B3yond

    Ok guys this is the official PS3 EU clan for TheGTAPlace. I know we already have quite a few members on the forums which can join this clan so I hope they will. This clan will have regular training nights and most people must attend. Headset is optional but would really help a lot. If you're interested please put your PSN ID down and add people to your PSN friends list. Roster: Ciaran - MrShadowSlayer FallenClyro - Mpilk901 GTA Don - GTADON Dirty Harry - vasco99 ryansg - ryansg
  13. Ciaran

    Official Playstation Discussion

    Heard its rubbish. I advise you don't buy it. No wait...
  14. Ciaran

    Google your name

    Ciaran Morgan @ Google The first two are mine, the rest, meh.
  15. Ciaran

    MSN Question

    Theres also a big black spot in the MSN convo too. Maybe you should check that out first.
  16. Ciaran

    Congradulations Rockstar!

    Table Tennis, It's the only good game I have for my Wii (Which is currently in a cupboard somewhere).
  17. My favourite mission is "Made man" cus it's easy Whats yours
  18. Ciaran

    GTA B3yond

    I would but with only 5 members I don't see how we could get a match. If I could get a 5v5, would everyone be able to play? We need more members!
  19. Ciaran

    Birthday Rustler

    That's one hell of a chick magnet!
  20. Ciaran

    COD5 already in out in 2008

    Treyarch sucks. I want to hear some opinions before I buy COD5. Going back to WWII was a huge mistake.
  21. Ciaran

    Eurovision 2008

  22. Ciaran

    Eurovision 2008

    Ah I always remember how my Mum tells me that Ireland used to pwn the other countries. Now its just plain stupid. I bet that Sweeden, Finland and Denmark will all vote for each other giving themselves top marks. Last years winner was really bad, I don't know If I want to watch it again.
  23. Ciaran

    GTA : Newry City

    Newry is my home town and somebody made this pic of a box art of a GTA Newry a while back: The Newry Town Hall is there, the Quay's shopping centre and the Main Newry Bus Stop. This was just made as a joke, give feedback on it.
  24. Ciaran

    GTA B3yond

    Official Gay Gangbang Clan it is then!
  25. So next week I am going to be hosting a match on GTA IV and only allowing 15 of you guys to join! It would be awesome if I could fill the whole room. It doesn't matter about gangs and stuff, It's just a friendly few matches. So get ready to get uber pwn'd! As the n00bs say... Date: WhoKnows ...Plus other time zones... Too lazy to do it Please post here if you can go, It will last for as long as people want it to.