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Well, I can make you signatures, avatars, wallpapers. w/e

Okay, Some guidelines next


  • Tell me if you want a specific size, render etc.
  • Tell any theme you would like. (Green theme, Birds theme.)
  • And mention if you want a signature or avatar, userbar or wallpaper is good to :ermm:
  • Tell if you want a specific font



Signature - 200$ | . 100$ if you give me a render and size

Avatar - 100$ | - 25$ if you give me a render

Userbar - 10$

Wallpaper - 150$

Anything else - 100$


NOTE. If you dont like the one i give you, Of course ill make you a second one. If you dont like the second one. Then I want do anymore.


And of course... You dont pay if you dont are happy with it, But if you dont pay. You are not allowed to use it later, on another forum etc. whitout payin before.

-//-. - Godfather


OH SHIT! How do i pay?

Click here.

'Member to give Dollars To: Godfather'

'Amount to give:As much as it costed you'

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I don't actually know lol. Someone else made it for LCF but I will seach around and see if I can find a similar one.

Ok I found a good one to use it is called Loki Cola, And I found it http://www.1001fonts.com/fonts_overview.ht...p;preview_text= number 4.

But if you can use a better one thats fine by me.

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